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Manage existing trips, create new proposals, send beautiful itineraries and invoice your clients. All while, keeping track of costs, payments and commissions.

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Browse through proposals, confirmed and past trips in one place, with easy access to view all information or continue adding details.

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See all the trips on your list by status!

Create new trips

Create, build and make cool trips that you can use at any time you want! Don’t forget your clients are going to be impressed by how organized your trips are.


Start creating your trip with just a click!

Creating your first trip is very simple. We make it easy to add and arrange all client and service information, and enough flexibility to adapt to your client’s needs and yours. Keep it as simple or with as much details as wanted.
01 Clients
Want to list all the clients in your trip? Or send a proposal to a single client and then continue adding more detail? Its fast and simple to select a single client or multiple clients at once.

  • Manage your internal trip client list.
  • Select and mark your main contacts.
  • Create client groups within a trip.
02 Services
Need to send a detailed proposal or just add enough information to follow up on a trip internally? Add individual services or wholesaler packages to a trip and enter as much or little detail as wanted. Enter all relevant information including cost, commission, fees and markup.

  • Select different service types: Activity, Cruise, Flight, Insurance, Lodging, Restaurant, Tour, Transport, Wholesaler, and more.
  • Add a wholesaler or lodging package and list all sub-services included.
  • Add a markup to a service or to the entire trip.
  • Create proposals and then confirm individual services or an entire trip.
  • Add all needed service info: General, Clients, Cost and even attach documents.
  • Edit or delete services at any time and add new ones.
03 Tasks and Notes
Create and track trip tasks, take notes of your client’s request and don’t leave out any details. Reference your notes as you are creating a trip for your clients.

Create a beautiful itinerary for your clients

Want to send beautiful itineraries to your clients? Take advantage of our integration with Umapped Itinerary App.

We have useful tools to create a perfect trip summary or proposal to send out to your clients. We are on top of your needs.
  • Automatically generate individual and group itineraries to download and send to clients.
  • See a timeline of all your services.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Send all information to Umapped to continue working with extra features.
Impress your clients with a beautiful itinerary from Umapped.
  • Curated content.
  • Live updates and notifications.
  • Extra features: calendar, map, city guides.
  • Mobile App.
  • Group collaboration.

See a summary of your creation right here

Easily track and manage all trip accounting. TravelContact keeps everything organized in one place: invoices, payments, commissions and trip markup.


See a general snapshot of your entire trip. We highlight the most important details and give you shortcuts to information and quick-add features.


Keep track of all of your totals

Easily track and manage all trip accounting. TravelContact keeps everything organized in one place: invoices, payments, commissions and trip markup.

01 Invoices
  • Send payable invoices through FlyWire.
  • Generate individual or grouped invoices.
  • Personalize invoices: add logo, terms, customize fonts and colors.
  • Download itemized or non itemized and send to clients.
  • Edit, delete or group invoices together.
  • Enter payments received and see total left to be paid.
02 Commissions
  • Keep track of commission expected and commission received.
  • Enter commission payments and receivables.
  • Stay on top of payment due dates.
  • Split commission between involved parties.
03 Payments
  • Track the payment history for each service: Total due and left to be paid.
  • Automatically update payment status.
  • Differentiate between payment types: Direct to supplier and agency to supplier.

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