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Detailed and comprehensive analytics for better decision making, monitor total sales and commissions for the entire agency or individual agent.

See total sales and commissions expected

Revise supplier and client performance to help identify important opportunities and risk areas, while making data-driven decisions.

Business Intelligence


Manage all of your numbers and commissions from your advisors here!

All information is broken down depending service status: proposal, confirmed and cancelled. Generate reports and see graphics on both company and advisor level.

Monitor your suppliers’ sales and see which are your top suppliers divided by services

Select a specific date range and see agency and advisor totals for: Service count, people served, sales and commissions broken down by all supplier types: Lodging, flight, wholesaler, transport, activity, restaurant, etc.

  • Select specific suppliers to review their performance over a period of time on both property and chain level.
  • Customize your reports as all information is clickable and adapts to your needs.

A snapshot of all information added to TravelContact on a client level

See your client totals broken down by their status, category, source, gender and other relevant information. Find individual reports to help you get to know your clients and client trends better.



Agencies can monitor all their advisors performance

Select a date range and browse an advisor to view total sales and commissions plus downloadable reports for services sold, commissions received, commission paid out and advisors fees.

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TravelContact is an operational, project management and transactional platform specialized for all travel experts.