Get to know your clients and manage their expectations

Welcome to TravelContact’s Contact Manager. Have all your clients and prospects in one place, easy to access, with complete individual profiles comprising more than 250 travel related preferences.

Clients module

Unlimited profiles, all in one place

Client database were you can manage your contact list and Client profile were you can get to know your clients to the last detail and keep track of all their travel history and preferences.

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Manage your contact list

Find all clients, shared clients, leads and prospects listed with their most relevant details so you can easily segment your database.

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Filter and sort

Filter and sort by different criteria to customize your view.

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Export your entire database or by type of client into Excel.

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Add new clients

Add new contacts individually and differentiate between clients and prospects or ask us to import your entire database the first time.


Everything you need, and much more

Keep track of all their travel history and preferences. Add as much or as little information as you want.

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General information

All basic client details.

  • Personal information. Includes emergency contact, sub travelers, phone number, email, important dates and addresses.
  • Also keep track of your client’s professional information, medical history and social media accounts.
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Client passport image
Passports image


Upload a client’s passport and visa and have all the necessary information to book trips without the need to request additional details from them.

Networks icon


Link clients to each other based on their relationships. This will enable you to create group trips with a simple click.

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Client preferences image
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Get to know your client’s travel preferences - destinations, food & drink, entertainment, as well as any specific request regarding - Hotels, Flight, Cruise, Vehicle, Train - enabling you to create the most enjoyable experience.

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Travel numbers

Keep note of your clients’ travel numbers and loyalty programs and know which airlines, hotels and car rentals they regularly use and accumulate points for.

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Agency information

Internal section to manage your clients and set their privacy levels, share them with others in your company or assigned them to a group of advisors.

Icon trips

View each client’s trip history and access detailed information for any trip stored. You can sort and filter the trip list and even go directly to a trip to continue working on it.

Icon documents

Easily save client documents to the cloud and be able to download and access at any time, from anywhere, you can either drag and drop a file from the cloud or you can browse your files.

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Custom Fields

Need more detail? You can customize the client section by adding new personalized fields based on your company’s needs. You can set the privacy levels and even manage restrictions and field types.

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