Take complete control of your agency

Manage preferences, billing and users. Define your agency structure and let TravelContact do the rest.

We want to make it easier, more
efficient and simple for you

  • User management
  • Payroll
  • Agency management
  • Subscription & billing
  • Agency settings

User management

Have the control you deserve.
  • Manage your user list.
  • Add new users and deactivate current users.
  • Set user roles and privacy.


Payments? Don’t worry about that, manage payments right here!
  • Manage all user payments.
  • Schedule payments or fines to individual agency users.

Agency Management

Configure your agency structure.
  • Group users together in a sub agency that reports to the host agency.
  • Add branches and assign users to a particular branch.
  • Create new custom sections to personalize to your company’s needs. *This option is currently only available for the Client Module, but will soon be added to other sections of the platform.

Agency settings

Set company preferences and customize to make TravelContact your own:
  • Add company logo.
  • Date and time format.
  • Define privacy.
  • Select language and time zone.
  • Add predefined terms for invoicing.

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