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We’re empowering agencies and advisors to do great things together

Admin November 05, 2018




1. New Time format New 

Functionality to change the time format of the agency, you can select 24 hours or 12 hours

2. Branches and Multi Agencies

New Multi Agency structure which can be managed by admin users from the Agency Administration Module:
Includes two sections: Manage Agencies and Branches.

Manage Agencies: Add a list of sub agencies assigned to a host agency.

Branches: Create a new branch and add sub agencies and individual users.

Modification of terms for the multi-agency structure, now Agencies will be Sub-agencies.

Functionality for the search of advisors during the process of the creation of Branches, to facilitate the selection in the case that the Host agency has many advisers.

As an Admin user for the host agency you will be able to manage all privacy settings and permits for the listed agencies and users. 

New field in the profile of the client in the section of Agency Information where from the profile of the client the advisor will be able to assign the branch to which this belongs.

3. Manage all agency settings

Integration of the Manage App section (now located top right of the platform under My Profile) into the Agency Administration Module. Admin users will be able to manage all agency settings and preferences from this section.

4.  Admin Module for Individual

Users New admin module for all individual users to manage and customize their settings and preferences directly from the platform.