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We’re empowering agencies and advisors to do great things together

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We’re empowering agencies and advisors to do great things together

TravelContact is a one stop shop CRM solution for the travel industry

With a simple click, you can build itineraries, create marketing campaigns, track sales, and automate a variety of features. We aim to facilitate the entire process for you, while also keeping your clients as our top priority.




Manage your client database with individual profiles for each of your clients. We facilitate the process of recalling even the simplest detail for each of them, enabling you to create a better trip experience.

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General Information

Add basic client details– personal and professional information, social media, medical history.

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Upload clients’ passport and visa photos and have all the necessary information to create client trips without the need to request additional details from them.

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Link clients to each other based on their relationships. This will enable you to create group trips with a simple click.

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Get to know your clients’ travel preferences – destinations, food & drink, entertainment – enabling you to create the most enjoyable experience.

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Loyalty Programs

Enter your clients’ loyalty programs and know which airlines, hotels and car rentals they regularly use and accumulate points for.

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Agency Information

Manage your clients and set their privacy levels, share them with others in your company or assigned them to a group of advisors.

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View each client’s trip history and access detailed information for any trip stored.

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Save important documents that you will be able to download and access at any time, from anywhere.

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Custom Fields

Add personalized fields based on your company’s needs.


Build trips from scratch while keeping track of costs, payments and commissions and create beautiful travel itineraries for your clients.

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See a snapshot of your entire trip.

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Find commission details for each service, including those that have not been confirmed. Track and control important dates, payment amounts, and commission receivables.

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Add individual clients, groups or select a client network and with one click add to a trip.

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Track the payment history for each service and add necessary information. Invoice your clients. Automatically update payment status for each service.

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Send beautiful itineraries to your clients which the platform automatically creates. You can send and download the itinerary from TravelContact, or we are also linked with Umapped to continue working in your itinerary.

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Never forget a detail. Add notes from your clients to take into consideration while building a trip.

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Add different services: flight, lodging, cruise, transport, insurance and even activities, tours and wholesaler packages to create a trip. Enter all relevant information including cost, commission, fees and markup.

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Track everything that happens while building a trip! View all changes made, who made those changes, and the exact date and time when those changes took place.


Access your agency’s supplier database. Create new or edit existing suppliers and all information will automatically be updated for the agency. Filter by type, country or name and access individual profiles. Have all relevant information in one place.

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Create automated messages and notifications for your clients. Don’t let an important date pass you by. Automated reminders for: passport and visa expirations, anniversaries, birthdays and coming soon: trip reminders and payments due.

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Detailed and comprehensive analytics for better decision making. TravelContact enables you to monitor total sales and commissions for the entire company or individual users. Identify important opportunities and risk areas, while making data-driven decisions.

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Manage your company’s preferences, billing and users. You can set up branches and create custom fields for the entire company.