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We’re empowering agencies and advisors to do great things together

We are a new way of travel management

Simplify your day-to-day, and client expectations without blowing all your precious time.

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We’re empowering agencies and advisors to do great things together

We are a new way of travel management

Simplify your day to day, and blow-away client expectations without blowing all your precious time



Client Module

Create your client database with individual profiles for each of your clients. We facilitate the process of recalling even the simplest detail for each of them, enabling you to create a better trip experience.

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General Information

Add basic client details– personal and professional information, social media, medical history – all information that you will access while preparing a highly personalized travel experience.

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Upload clients’ passport and visa photos and have all the necessary information to create client trips without the need to request additional details from them.

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Link clients to each other based on their relationships! This will enable you to create group trips with a simple click.

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Get to know your clients’ travel preferences – destinations, food & drink, entertainment – enabling you to create the most enjoyable experience.

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Loyalty Programs

Enter your clients’ loyalty programs, and know which airlines, hotels and car rentals they regularly use and accumulate points for.

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Agency Information

Know when a client was created and by whom, have them assigned to different advisors, and add internal comments to keep in mind.

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View your client’s trip history by accessing his/her individual profile.

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Add and track your client’s marketing permissions and preferences to better understand and cater to his/her desires.


Build trips and create travel itineraries for your clients, adding different services and clients to a trip as necessary. Learn more about our travel module features.

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See a snapshot of your entire trip with all clients and services summarized.

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Add clients to an existing trip. Selecting the “main client”, you will know who to send trip notifications and updates to.

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Find commission details for each service, including those that have not been confirmed. Track and control important dates, payment amounts, and commission receivables.

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Track the payment history for each service and add necessary information. Invoice your clients. Automatically update payment status for each service.

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Add images and comments to the trip itinerary, and download general and personalized itineraries when needed.

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Never forget a detail. Add notes to take into consideration while building a trip, in order for all agents to have access to all necessary details.

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Add services to a trip with all relevant details and select clients for the service. You will also be able to add costs information – commission, fees, markup - and split costs among clients. Add relevant documents deemed important for the trip.

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Track everything that happens building a trip! View all changes made, who made those changes, and the exact date and time when those changes took place.


Create a database with all your providers and suppliers. Add and remove providers and suppliers with ease. Once created, you will no longer need to re-create their profiles for each trip, but instead add them with a simple click!

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Create automated messages and notifications for all your clients – don’t let an important date pass by without you noticing!

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Automations icon


Detailed and comprehensive analytics for your agency. TravelContact enables you to monitor sales, commissions, and even cost of service in a very simple manner. Identify important opportunities and risk areas, while making data-driven decisions.

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Sales icon

Sales Button

Track your sales, commissions, and additional costs. Select your desired date range and choose whether you want a global or agent-specific view. This will enable you to track and analyze the behavior of each and every one of your agents.

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Services Button

Upload clients’ passport and visa photos and have all the necessary information to create client trips without the need to request additional details from them.

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Booking eXplorer

We offer multiple tools that use the latest technology to make it easier than ever to plan and book independent travel, whether you’re looking for an easy way to search destination services or a comprehensive method for designing multi-destination travel.

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DMC - Destination Management Companies

Our innovative content management system lets DMCs showcase their products and services, with live availability and pricing, photos, and descriptions. It's simply the easiest way to get your company's offerings in front of professional travel advisors around the world.

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Hotel - Destination Services

Makes it easy to search private experiences and tours, shore excursions, and private transfers around the globe, filtered by city or interest. With live availability and pricing, it’s never been easier to book destination services with in-market experts.

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FITeXplorer is an innovative and dynamic tool that uses the latest technology to allow you to create, modify, share, and book multi-destination itineraries in minutes, with live access to thousands of worldwide travel products.