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We’re empowering agencies and advisors to do great things together

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Travel industry specific CRM. Organize your client and supplier database

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Build a trip and send itineraries & invoices

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Receive detailed and comprehensive reports

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Keep track of costs, payments and commissions

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Monitor sales, payments and commissions

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Send automated messages and notifications

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Keep track of your daily operations in our dashboard

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Unlimited data: Clients, Suppliers, Trips

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TravelContact is an operational tool that looks to unify all client and transactional data

Client Module

Create your client database with individual profiles for each of your clients.

Add basic client details– personal and professional information, social media, medical history.

Link clients to each other based on their relationships!

Get to know your clients’ travel preferences – destinations, food & drink, entertainment.

View your client’s trip history by accessing his/her individual profile.

Enter your clients’ loyalty programs, and know which airlines, hotels and car rentals they regularly use.

Travel Module

Build trips and create travel itineraries for your clients, adding different services and clients to a trip as necessary.

Add clients to an existing trip. Selecting the “main client”, you will know who to send trip notifications and updates to.

Find commission details for each service, including those that have not been confirmed.

Add services to a trip with all relevant details and select clients for the service.

Track the payment history for each service and add necessary information.

Track everything that happens building a trip!

Supplier Module

Create a database with all your suppliers. Add and remove suppliers with ease.

As your supplier database grows, the challenge to manage all of that data grows right along with it.

Have all relevant information in one place and get to know your suppliers to the last detail.

Keep track of trends and opportunities while the platform monitors and ranks your suppliers’ behavior to give you useful business intelligence and analytics.

Automations Module

Create automated messages and notifications for all your clients

Good communication with your clients is key to retaining their loyalty and increasing sales.

This is not a simple task! TravelContact saves you time by making it easy to create and send automated communications to all your clients at once, to a single client, or to a group.

Analytics Module

Detailed and comprehensive analytics for your agency.

Track your sales, commissions, and additional costs. Select your desired date range and choose whether you want a global or agent-specific view.

Upload clients’ passport and visa photos and have all the necessary information to create client trips without the need to request additional details from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is selected automatically based on the number of users registered in your agency. The amount or cost given per user can vary according to the number of users.

The trial period is 30 days long.

You will be asked to update to our Early Bird Special. If you choose not to update, you will no longer have access to our platform or you can choose a method of payment and start the period immediately.

Your plan will be billed at the beginning of the chosen period. When the current month or year of your plan ends, you can change the duration of the plan.

You will be notified via email that your payment was unsuccessful and we will try again the next day with your payment method on file. Take this time to update to a valid payment method. Otherwise you will have 1 more month of access to our platform, after which you will be permanently logged out.

It includes full access to our platform, unlimited Clients, Suppliers, Trips and Itineraries. Access to all Modules in the platform:

  • Travel industry specific CRM. Organize your client and supplier database.
  • Build trips and send travel itineraries.
  • Monitor your sales and keep track of costs, payments and commissions.
  • Send automated messages and notifications.
  • Manage your Agency’s preferences and users.
  • Receive detailed and comprehensive reports.

Yes, all plans start with a 1-month trial period.

No, taxes will be applied to the subscription cost.

We accept credit or debit cards payments of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

You may change your subscription type or cancel your TravelContact’s Early Bird Special account at any time prior to the billing date. Once canceled, your account will remain active until the next billing cycle. At that point all of the TravelContact’s Early Bird Special features will be deactivated.

You may cancel a free trial at any time during the free trial period and incur no charge. All charges once made are non-refundable.

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